Outsource your Commercial Debt Collection to the Professionals

Often in conjunction with our clients, Pro-Collect has developed a series of products specifically designed to accommodate the needs of Corporate clients (who extend credit facilities to customers), Credit Providers (Financiers and Credit Unions) and the Insolvency Industry.

These products enable debts to be recovered via a number of options, including traditional commission based commercial Debt Collection, Contingency Collection (where Pro-Collect funds all court costs and disbursements and only recovers these and commission on collection), Litigation (recoverable fee for service, with no commission) and extending to the management and retrieval of monies due to Bankrupt Estates (Compulsory Income Contributions), the collection of book debts on behalf of Administrators and Bankruptcy Trustees or Field Services (repossession, field calls and process serving).

8 Reasons to use our Debt Collection Services

No Collection - No Commission. If we don’t collect you don’t pay any commission.

No hidden fees

No joining fees, account loading fees or ongoing contracts.

No solicitors fees

No solicitors fees charged on legal documents.

Debt range

We collect on any debt $250 or greater

Account manager

Your own dedicated personal account manager.

Instant action

Instant and assertive action the same day your debt is received.

24hr online access

24 hour real time internet access to view your accounts.

Years experience

We have over 35 yrs of professional debt collection know how.

Outsource your Commercial Debt Collection to the Professional Commercial Debt Collectors.

Servicing Sydney, Newcastle, The Central Coast, NSW Mid North Coast & Right Across Australia.

Litigation Services

Many large credit providers and other providers of commercial credit, consumer financiers or other lending institutions recognise the benefits of instigating legal action to prompt payment of their accounts, but often do not have the infrastructure, management skills or time to conduct their own proceedings swiftly and economically.

This product is designed for the financier. If you are a corporate financier or other lending institutions who hold ledgers of debtors, whom from time to time and on an ongoing basis, require legal enforcement action including the same day issue of demands, Statements of Claim and continued ongoing step by step legal action at your instructions. This product gives you the support of legal enforcement action with no commission on collection and only the cost of Court fees and Solicitor fees that are recoverable from your debtor, where substantial discounts apply for volume and/ or ongoing streams of work.

Contingent “Bad Debt” Collection

We will pursue recovery of your ledger of debts on the basis of No collection, No cost. Our remuneration is solely reliant upon our success in collecting monies from your debtors.

This product is ideal for the contingent recovery of debts on behalf of Financiers, Liquidators, Bankrupt Trustees and other Insolvency Practitioners who find they have book debts requiring collection but limited funds or expertise to do so.

We totally fund all costs of collection, including all Court fees and only recover these from the debtor (does not include disputed debts).

Administration & Collection Of Bankrupts’ Compulsory Income Contributions

In accordance with Section 139P of the Bankruptcy Act, 1966, (“the Act”) at the onset of a Bankruptcy the Trustee requires each Bankrupt to complete a Statement of Income.

For the total outsourced administration, management and collection of Compulsory Income Contributions payable by a Bankrupt under Section 139P of the Bankruptcy Act, 1966. Approved by ITSA and complies with all statutory requirements. Provides a streamlined diary review process for the retrieval of income contribution instalments whether managing and processing on time instalments, pursuing or prompting overdue instalments for a small fee per account or where necessary, extending to offering the contingent collection via legal action where necessary, of delinquent bankrupts, who simply refuse to pay.

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“I just wanted to say thanks for all you have done for us, and I really appreciate the effort that has gone into recovering our debts. I have used a number of different companies over the years and Pro-Collect have been hands down the best and most effective. Just wanted to let you know.”

Anja M. Schmidt

PPB Advisory

“Thank you for that good news. A job well done. My Many thanks. I look forward to banking that cheque in due course. I will look for further challenges for you and hope to catch up soon.”

Mark Roufeil - Director

Connect Personnel Pty Ltd

“Thank you for your great work on this matter. Excellent result. Finally brings closure to this longstanding matter and I can now archive this fat file and free up my filing cabinet.”

Hugh Reedman - Manager, Accounting & Finance

Hire A Hubby

“Awesome work. Thanx Helen and Stuart for your help with is matter. I’m looking forward to do more business with you.”

David Leslie - NSW / ACT Operations Manager

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